Project Description

Pleasant Valley Community School District
Forest Grove Elementary School

Project Cost: $17.4 mil

Date Completed: May ,2021

Location: Bettendorf, IA

Tricon was the General Contractor on this 60,000 square foot elementary school.  We self-performed all the steel erection, precast concrete, carpentry, and casework on this project.  We worked very closely with the architect and developed a great relationship with the subs to bring this project to fruition on-time and on budget.

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I appreciated Tricon’s transparency throughout the project. Ed, the project manager, was extremely approachable throughout the project and when issues arose he made sure we were aware and provided us with a solution or an option. The climate on the job site was very cooperative and all the subs appeared to work very well together. Ed modeled this expectation. Ed was one who managed people very well but he was also willing to role his sleeves up and get dirty when needed.
Tricon listened very well, expected excellence, and were knowledgeable.
I would recommend the team we had to anyone.

Brian Strusz, Superintendent
Pleasant Valley School District