Project Description

Darlington Elementary Middle School FEMA Gym Addition

Project Cost: $6.4 mil

Date Completed: In Progress

Size: 16,040 sq ft

Location: Darlington, WI

Completed plans call for the addition of a 16,040-square-foot gymnasium, wrestling room, and associated locker rooms added to this existing K-8 facility.

The current Darlington Elementary Middle School building has a 9,800 sf gym with a single full-size basketball court. Additional gym space is in high demand along with the wrestling room. This gym addition will also serve as a FEMA community shelter. The entire storm shelter structure will be constructed in accordance with Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) P-361 Fourth Edition, 2021 criteria for near-absolute life protection from tornadic events. The shelter will provide a period of protection for its occupants for a minimum of 2 hours, in accordance with HMA Addendum C.

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