Don’t just listen to us, read what a few of our clients have to say

It’s been a long time since I’ve contacted you and I want to provide feedback on our project. Tricon has been the best contractor I’ve worked with in my 27 years with the Commission. They have been awesome to work with. Travis was on top of the project from the time he arrived and he worked to save us money and improve the project. I really appreciate it. Our engineer/project manager also shared that he was really impressed. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the efforts made by Tricon! Anytime you want to use the project as a reference, please feel free to provide my contact info. What a great company and an exceptional team!

Kathy Morris, Director
Waste Commission of Scott County

With tight budgets, aggressive timelines and high expectations, schools are one of the most difficult construction types to build. Frk knows this, since 90% of our design work is in the K-12 sector. When we are fortunate enough to have an exceptional contractor on a project we know the process will go smoothly and the client will be pleased with the outcome. This has been our experience with Tricon on all the projects we have worked with them on. From value engineering and project schedules to punch list and close out, we have appreciated Tricon’s proactive approach, strong jobsite leadership, and quality craftsmanship.

Tom Wollan, AIA, LEED AP, Principal/ArchitectFRK Architects & Engineers

I have been very pleased with the professionalism of Tricon’s staff led by Ed. I do think Tricon is looking out for the district’s best interest and has presented ideas to save costs for the taxpayer. Ed has built a trust with me that is important with the scope and size of this project.

Gary DeLacy, Superintendent
Clinton Community School District

I appreciated Tricon’s transparency throughout the project. Ed, the project manager, was extremely approachable throughout the project and when issues arose he made sure we were aware and provided us with a solution or an option. The climate on the job site was very cooperative and all the subs appeared to work very well together. Ed modeled this expectation. Ed was one who managed people very well but he was also willing to role his sleeves up and get dirty when needed.
Tricon listened very well, expected excellence, and were knowledgeable.
I would recommend the team we had to anyone.

Brian Strusz, Superintendent
Pleasant Valley School District

Now that we are nearing completion of the addition at Irving Elementary School in Dubuque, I would like to congratulate your company on a job well done. It certainly has been a pleasure working with all members of the Tricon team. Thank you for an excellent project.

James C. Brimmer, Manager
Buildings & Grounds
Dubuque Community Schools

Tricon was very easy to work with on our project and kept me, the District representative, informed at all times. Their workmanship was excellent and they tried very hard to please. I would recommend Tricon as a general contractor who gets the job done as specified!

Jeff Schwiebert, Superintendent
Mount Vernon Community School District

They provide exceptional professional service in a timely manner and the project resulted in a new facility that is an attractive and significant addition to our community.

Dave Van Dee , City Administrator
City of Dyersville, IA

Matt Kindl has been one of those leaders that has made positive impacts to our school. I am willing to bet that he does not begin to realize the extent to which he has contributed to the school maintaining a wonderful, student-focused learning environment during our renovation. I have received many compliments regarding all of the Tricon workers and, specifically, Matt. These have come from students, parents, and staff! Matt complements our building focus on Being Respectful, Responsible, Caring and Safe.

Ken Turnis , Principal
Lucas Elementary
Iowa City Community School District

On a personal level, I have found the people at Tricon to be very professional and extremely thorough in carrying out their responsibilities. From on-going communication, to the coordination of work schedules, to the resolving of conflicts that inevitably arise… Tricon performed their responsibilities and served our district in an exemplary manner.

Kim P. Huckstadt, Superintendent
Maquoketa Community School District

On behalf of Irving Elementary School, I would like to offer the following letter of recommendation as testimony of the outstanding qualities of Tricon Construction. The results speak for themselves. We are very proud of our newly renovated facilities and building addition and wanted to share our appreciation for and congratulate Tricon on your professionalism, high quality of work, and your continual efforts in trying to exceed the expectations of your clients.

Joe Maloney, Principal
Irving Elementary
Dubuque Community School District

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Steve Oyen of Tricon Construction for the fine job he did as project manager of the Davenport North High School Media Center/Music/Family Consumer Science Remodel and Addition. This was a difficult and complicated project with a very tight construction schedule. Thanks to careful construction planning, scheduling, and management, the project was completed on time and met the expectations of everyone involved. It was a pleasure for me to work with the Tricon staff. Their positive and professional attitude was much appreciated and look forward to the next opportunity to work with them again.

Robert Braum, AIA ,
SGGM Architects and Designers

I would like to express my thanks to you personally for assigning such excellent staff and providing high-quality service on this project. Admittedly, we had some concerns going into this project, fortunately, the professionalism of your staff quickly alleviated any concerns. We were pleased to work with your staff throughout the project and are delighted with the outcome. This reflects very well on you, and Tricon, and I thought it worthwhile to express our sincere gratitude.

Larry J. Weber, Director, IIHR ,
Hydroscience & Engineering
University of Iowa

I am writing to express my appreciation of Tricon for the outstanding work that this company performed. The work that Tricon completed and orchestrated was exceptional. In a short amount of time our facilities were completely revamped and brought into the 21st century. The work on our building remained on schedule despite a tight time frame-when extra work was required, Tricon stepped up and got it done. I would recommend them without reservation to anyone having similar work done.

Joe Flynn, Associate Principal
Davenport North High School

Tricon’s staff went out of their way with our project to include local sub-contractors and were also willing to seek in-kind donation from the sub-contractors for our project. This local touch was very important to the donors and community members. The in-kind donation saved us thousands of dollars for our project.

Reid Stangel, Executive Director
Green County Family YMCA

In today’s world, it is rare when promises of quality, schedule and budget are honored. I congratulate you for delivering on all three counts!

Scott Taylor, President
CarteGraph Systems, Inc.

They are very professional in their manner and workmanship. We are proud of our new facility because of the quality of their work.

Tom Flynn, President
Flynn Ready Mix