On Thursday, Feb. 8, members of the Davenport Fire Department cut the ribbon on the new Station Three. Located at 42nd Street and North Brady Street, just across from the North Park Mall, the building is home to several community rooms, living quarters for firefighters and workspaces for law enforcement partners. Officials said the new location should allow firefighters to respond to emergencies more quickly while also fulfilling other community needs.

“When we designed this building, that was very important for us to make sure that this building was designed to serve our community and their needs to the best of our abilities. Not only did we design it for today’s needs but we tried to anticipate those future needs as well,” Davenport Fire Chief Mike Carlsten said. “A key aspect of that is focusing on our firefighters safety and well being. With their safety, health and wellness, this building was designed with that in mind so our firefighters can have long careers to continue serving our communities.”

Tricon is proud to be able to deliver this very important project to the city of Davenport.