As we welcome the official start of summer break for schools the multi-year, $34 million renovation project at Dubuque Senior High School remains on schedule and on budget, with work continuing in multiple areas of the building this summer. Work for this second phase of renovations at Senior remains on track as it enters its second year and we will be hard at work this summer to complete as much construction as possible while students and teachers are not occupying the building.

In the next two months, work will continue in the school’s auditorium, including the theater’s entrance and additional storage space. We expect to have the auditorium completed January 2023. Also this summer, we will work in the school’s science and social studies wings, as well as the weight room, performance P.E. space and wrestling room and men’s locker room on the east side of the building. Music classrooms also will receive upgrades, including new finishes and an expanded orchestra room.

Dubuque Community School Board members also just approved our $279,000 bid for furnishings, fixtures and equipment for the project. Tricon was low bidder on this bid package which includes equipment for the school’s weight room, new wrestling mats and acoustic sound shells for the auditorium.

“ There’s a lot of things going on and a lot of overlap and a lot of needing to move areas to be able to get into other areas, so it’s going to be a chess game for the duration of the project as we move classrooms around so we can get into them,” says Mark Fassbinder, district manager of building and grounds.