Project Description

University of Iowa

Projects Performed: 36

Total Cost: $76 mil

Location: Iowa City, IA

Since 2006, Tricon has completed over 36 projects worth $76.8 million without a single accident. To keep our staff and the hundreds of subcontractors protected during the difficult work that we have performed is something that we are very proud of. It is a testament that safety is more than a written program; we live it on the job every day.

Curr  UI Biomed Roof Exhaust, $2M
2021 UI Power Plant Turbine 7 & 8 Installation, $9.8M
2020 Hospital Entrance, $3.7M
2018 Bowen Science Building – Modernize, $13M
2018 Kinnick Stadium – Renovate North Stands, $1.5M
2018 UI Power Plant Boiler & Maintenance Shop, $4.7M
2016 Children’s Hospital BP 29 Case Work, $1.3M
2016 Install Dry Cooler, $543K
2016 Burlington Street Steam Vault, $8.4M
2015 Pediatric Cardiac Lab Expansion, $4.4M
2015 Burlington Street Dam & Power Plant Repairs, $774K
2015 C Maxwell Stanley Hydraulics Lab, $1.5M
2014 Medical Education Research Facility, $294K

2014 Field House Modify for UIHC Entry Access, $5.9M
2012 Oakland Campus Electrical Generation Upgrade, $4.2M
2012 Flood Mitigation River Corridor Modifications, $922K
2011 Maclean Hall Window Replacements, $785K
2011 CCTV Systems, $797K
2011 Currier & Burge Hall Sprinkler System, $1.6M
2011 Cambus Maintenance Facility Addition, $1.5M
2011 Madison St Services Bldg Carpenter Shop, $558K
2008 Pneumatic Tube System Replacement, $1.3M
2008 Patient and Visitor Services Center, $2.9M
2007 Emergency Trauma Center Expansion, $2.3M
2006 Rienow Hall Restroom Renovation, $805K

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