Project Description

Platteville Municipal Airport Box Hangar

Project Cost: $1 mil

Date Completed: 2023

Size: 4,900 sq ft

Location: Platteville, WI

The box hangar is a 70’x70′ premanufactured steel structure with metal siding and roofing. A bi-fold door for an 18-foot by 69-foot, 4-inch clear opening space for aircraft was provided. The structure was designed to be a heated space, including insulation on the walls and ceiling and radiant in-floor heat tubing installed in the floor slab. Proximity to adjacent buildings required a special wall section on the north and south walls to provide a code-complaint fire rating. The building was prepared for a future restroom, including a connection to the airport’s well piping, a septic holding tank, and all in-floor water supply, drain, and vent piping. Trench drains and an oil interceptor were included to collect wash or meltwater from an aircraft in the hangar and route it to the septic holding tank. An extra tall rear overhead door and concrete driveway were included to give vehicles access to the rear of the hangar. Battery backup emergency lighting and accessible paved routes from the main doors were also included in the project.

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“Tricon provided consistent progress on the project as weather and material availability allowed. Beginning with foundations shortly after the notice to proceed in fall of 2022 to building erection beginning the day after the structure arrived in spring 2023, Tricon and its subcontractors advanced the project efficiently by providing the required attention to detail. During construction, the Platteville Municipal Airport (PVB) decided to add preparations for future in-floor radiant heat and enhanced drainage facilities around the hangar. Tricon and its subcontractors quickly provided change order pricing and incorporated these additions into the project without delay to any elements of construction. The PVB Commission was regularly consulted regarding subjective elements of construction and the final product is a box hangar the Airport is proud to show off to the community.”

Strand Associates, Inc.